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Welcome to the TV Media Developer Community


TV Media’s TV Listings API gives developers access to TV Media’s rich television listings data, programming information, series and episodic descriptions, and more, to power your apps.

This blog will be your source for ideas, API updates, developer profiles, and… whatever else we feel you might want to read about!

So let’s get the ball rolling, shall we?

Who the TV Listings API is for

From an end-user perspective: anyone who watches TV. And who doesn’t? So, for developers, our API gives you the in-depth data you need to enhance your apps and sites with content that your users will love.

Do you have sports-related app? Sports fans can quickly see when their teams are playing and on what stations they can catch the games in their area. A food blog? Users can see when and where to catch your most highly-recommended cooking shows. A gossip site? Let your readers know about the hottest celebrities’ upcoming talk show appearances, or when to catch movies starring their favorite actors on local stations.

The possibilities are endless.

Up-to-date TV listings data

TV Media’s editors receive schedules from television stations around the clock and the API is updated every 2 hours to ensure the most up-to-date information. API subscribers can access up to 14 days of listings.

Requests and responses

Our TV Listings API is a REST API, allowing for better support for browser clients thanks to its support for JSON. Responses are delivered in JSON and JSONP formats for faster parsing.

TV guide information available

The TV Listings API operations can be categorized as follows, each with numerous endpoints:

  • Lineups
  • Stations
  • Series
  • Sports
  • Movie
  • People

For more details, see our complete endpoint reference.

Aside from the operations and endpoints, the TV Listings API also allows developers to access artwork such as sports logos, station logos and series artwork.

Stay tuned

Check in here regularly for tutorials, feature updates, code samples and more.

What would you like to see? Get in touch with us at or leave a message in the comments with ideas for upcoming blog posts, or with any questions or comments. If you haven’t signed up yet, see our plans and pricing.